Vinyl Cote Clear Primer (8oz Can)

Vinyl Cote is a revolutionary new form of spray dye designed to be permanent without coming off on leather. It can be used for all kinds of leather like furniture and car seats.

Vinyl Cote is nontoxic and nonflammable which makes it an ideal leather dye for use for both interior and exterior surfaces. Leather Cote can be used like any other spray and it’s very affordable with great quality. Its food safe propellant and UV protection assures that the color after spraying will last more compared to other leather dyes. It is also economical as, for example, you only need 1 8oz can to adequately spray 1-2 office chairs! This revolutionary leather dye spray is permanent and will not peel or rub off once the dye has set (72 hours). Simply Spray Vinyl Cote does not require heat, is a non-toxic, non-flammable and UV protected formula for use on interior and exterior surfaces. So don’t throw your favorite leather goods away, try our Leather and Vinyl Cote products today.

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