Chestnut Brown Soft Fabric Paint- PMS 732 (2.5 oz Cans)


Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint is a non-toxic, non-flammable 2.5oz aerosol paint can for use on absorbent, light-colored fabrics. Once applied, the paint absorbs into materials and remains soft to the touch. It is permanent, fast drying and safe to wash and dry (recommended waiting 72 hours before washing). For best results, wash and dry fabrics before painting and do not use fabric softeners.

Soft Fabric Paint is great for creating tie-dye, unique designs or to embellish and add color to apparel and décor. Simply twist, crunch and spray fabric to tie-dye. Use stencils to create a resist effect or to personalize and easily create shades of colors using spray like an airbrush. Safe for kids and for indoor use.

Please note this is more of a watery product used for tie dying effects on t-shirts and is not designed for use on furniture. Please see of Upholstery paint for that

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